About us

Center Point is one of the most innovative and integrated practices in Egypt since 2011, and over the past low decodes the practice has covered a wide range of works in both engineering fields design and construction, from architectural, interior design landscaping & urban planning up to construction supervision by Center Point. 

How do we work in CenterPoint ?

By working together creatively from the start of a project, architects and engineers combine their knowledge to get integrated, sustainable design solutions, from appointment to completion, the design teams are supported by numerous in house disciplines, including project management and construction review panel.
 And to insure consistency and personal service, the same core team sees a project through from beginning to end, the design process is reviewed roughly by the design board and the practice is led by but the partners-ship board.

​​Our Safety

The importance of safety at work place can't be over exemplified. This is felt where the laborers are exposed to sustained risk in their daily operations. Adaptation of safety measures not only ensures safety of the life of the workers but also of their family dependents.

We understand that to have all staff and labors abide by all safety measure is through behavioral changes.

This is reflected by the company's commitment in complying with OSHAS 18001: 2007 standards.

A dedicated team of individuals are available on site to enforce all forms of safety and to continually improve working environments.

All the safety provisions must be brought to the attention of everyone employed in Center Point, this will be done through a combination of site orientation, and external training. 

We believe that investing in such efforts would increase productivity and ensure safe work practices.   

Our  Operations & Maintenance Management Software

Having been quality management system by Odoo integrated applications to give more quality to our customers. 

Awesome user interface

Organize the tickets with easy way with the amazing Kanban view.

Get an instant overview of the team's workload and checking the status of a ticket based the tailored SLA rules.

Optimized for productivity

SLAs, Automation templates canned responses.

Provide smart self service

Built-in customer knowledge base.

Allow customers to close their tickets

Reduce the chance of error, avoid misunderstandings and leave more helpdesk teams to worry about what truly needs their attention.

Multi channels out of the box.

Awesome user interface

Organize the tickets with easy way by the amazing Kanban view.

Get an instant overview of the teams workloads and checking the status of tickets based the tailored SLA rules

All in one solution optimized to grow productivity

SLAs, Automation, Templates and canned responses.

Internal chat system to help all employees to contact each other.

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