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Center Point is one of the most innovative and integrated practices in Egypt since 2011, and over the past low decodes the practice has covered a wide range of works in both engineering fields design and construction, from architectural, interior design landscaping & urban planning up to construction supervision by Center Point.

Chairman Message

When it comes to design we always ask our selves what makes it unique?! .... what ties everything together leading us to the final picture that we all see! ​ Actually, we would be wrong if we just thought of one thing, because design is a philosophy through which we can create beauty, culture & history while it's always "designed for you" it's an inclusive process in which we should bring imagination & passion join pleasure & practicality, pair creativity & functionality.

All we should go through them as a journey of discovery till we reach our goals.

Mr.Naser Farghaly,    CenterPoint  Chairman

Hard Services (Operations & Maintenance)

  • Automatic Control Systems And Equipment.
  • Power Supply Systems, Lighting Systems.
  • Heating Systems.
  • Water Supply And Sewerage.
  • Air-Conditioning And Ventilation.
  • Fire Alarm System.
  • Fire Control System.
  • Access Control System.

Our Clients

Operation - Maintenance

We believe that our clients are a main factor in our success story; we appreciate having the space to than all of our valued clients for their faith in us.

Vodafone Egypt ( Retail, Data center ).

  • Contract started May 2018( Retail )
  • No of stores 44


  • Contract started Feb. 2018
  • No of stores 4

El Magrabi

  • Contract started March 2020
  • No of stores 26

Focus ( Vodafone's partner )

  • Contract started October 2020
  • No of stores 14

E2 Lodge Hotel

  • 6th Of October city
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